A Reflection of the Road Passed

12 weeks ago… was when we first presented our project to the class as duo consisting of myself and Tayla. Our goal over the next 12 weeks was to replace all audio assets within four snippets of film, these audio assets included total foley, ADR and score replacement! these clips are famously known over the world […]

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The Lion King: Session

Another week has passed and that means more updates, yay! This week unfortunately we’ve been pushed back a bit in a schedule however, the obstacle was great fun and worth the experience! This time we’ve begun work on ‘The Lion King’ our longest scene in this project at five and a half minutes. Recording The ADR […]

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Project Target Market

Marketable projects are on the horizon day to day whether this relates to your unique concept, or perhaps one that isn’t all that different from the competitive projects on the same horizon. Being able to identify and address the appropriate target markets for your project will depend on its success come publish day. Particularly our first […]

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Major Project for Studio III

It’s trimester 5 of 6! Time has absolutely flown by, however there’s still plenty of work that needs to be done… This trimester is Studio III so again we have to design a major project to execute over the next 12 weeks, this time I will be replacing the scores, ADR, foley and sound FX […]

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Entering the Realm of Foley Recording

Sunday 18th of October 2015 Today Jackson and I conducted a Foley recording session to obtain as many sounds as we could for our Studio’s Major Project and some additional sounds for our CIU Major Project. The Friday before, we designed a pre-production plan to ensure we had all of the appropriate equipment before we traveled off campus to our location.  […]

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