Entering the Realm of Foley Recording

Sunday 18th of October 2015

Today Jackson and I conducted a Foley recording session to obtain as many sounds as we could for our Studio’s Major Project and some additional sounds for our CIU Major Project. The Friday before, we designed a pre-production plan to ensure we had all of the appropriate equipment before we traveled off campus to our location. 

Pre-Production Plan  

Session Details

  • On location recording session – Daisy Hill Koala Conservation Park 
  • Session Parameters 24bit – 96 kHz 


  • 1 x 552 Field Mixer
  • 2 x Sennheiser MHK 416 shotgun microphones
  • 1 x H6 Zoom Portable Recorder 
  • 2 x Sennheiser shotgun mics 
  • 2 x boom poles
  • 6 x XLR cables 
  • Laptop w/transfer cable (transfer/backup session files) 
  • 3 x microphone stands 
  • 2 x clamps 

Foley List 

  • Ambience – crickets playing in original
  • Small animal (chameleon) footsteps (pitter patter)
  • Small animal brushing against bushes (bend + release)
  • Simba footsteps
  • Simba jumping
  • Simba roar – but bigger (has delay and FX processing applied in original – echoes through canyon)
  • Stampede coming over hills **
  • Rocks jumping off ground due to stampede
  • Crow squawks
  • Herd of wildebeests, a stampede, low frequencies MULTIPLE HOOVES
  • Hyena running and biting
  • Simba jump to slide

Jackson arrived at my house around 9:30 AM Sunday morning firstly we went over the details of our session to triple check what exactly we were going out for. We familiarised ourselves with each scene and went over the lists we had created to address each foley sound that we needed to record. For one of our video clips “The Lion King” Zazu’s wing flaps are predominant about half way through, we thought it would be effective if we were to generate this sound ourselves.  We were quite innovative and constructed an apparatus to replicate the wing flap, by tying four pieces of wood together and suspending a tea towel between them. This made the perfect sound we were after and we will use it in the post-production studio on Tuesday before our ADR session in the afternoon. 

Wing Flapping Apparatus
Wing Flapping Apparatus


We then packed up the car and headed out to our location, which was at the Koala Conservation Centre at Daisy Hill, once we arrived we unloaded the car and took a trek into the bush. Firstly we set up at the entrance of the park as this is where we could hear crickets quite loudly which is what we were after for the LORT clip, after two or so minutes of monitoring we found that it was too windy at the top of the hill and this was interfering with our overall signal. We moved further down the hill into a gully which secluded us from the wind, we positioned the shot gun mics quite high up in the air to capture some ambiance not only for Studio but for our game as well. We recorded about 12 minutes of ambiance with the nice subtly of birds, trees creaking we also captured some cups on dirt and rocks that simulated the stampede in “The Lion King”. 

Footstep Recordings
Footstep Recordings
Capturing Ambiance
Capturing Ambiance
Capturing Footsteps
Capturing Footsteps

We wrapped up around 2:30 PM packed all the gear up and went home to transfer all the files onto multiple platforms to ensure their safety. This will be edited during the week by Tayla, overseen by myself and Jackson and hopefully applied to our video clips where possible.


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