The Lord Of The Rings & The Two Towers: Session

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Recording ADR for LOTR

Evening Followers! As promised I have some substantial updates to address from last weeks session 🙂 We had our very first ADR recording session in the C24 studio with myself as lead engineer, Jackson as desk operator and Tayla as scribe. Our voice actor for this evening was the talented Gaute Rasmussen who voiced the incredibly difficult character Smeagol/Gollum in LOTR: The Two Towers, the scene we’d selected was about 2 mins long where Gollum is conversing with Smeagol about his desire for the ring, as the conversation progresses Smeagol realises that he doesn’t need him anymore… He becomes very joyous and celebrates his victory over Gollum. Here are some pictures of the session…

Gaute - ADR Actor & Jess - Producer - (Jackson (engineer) and Tay (scribe) behind the cameras)
Gaute – ADR Actor & Jess – Producer – (Jackson (engineer) and Tay (scribe) behind the cameras)

This scene of our project is almost at completion stage with some minor adjustments to be made: environment placement, score dynamics and after referencing on consumer speakers foley dynamics.

Composing The Score for LOTR

Music is a major consideration in the film industry as it plays a massive part in the portrayal of emotion and the connection the audience has to the story. In order to effectively create a score to a scene the composer needs to be aware of what is happening on screen, the music must flow with the visual representation. If the music is out of time to the visual this will translate to the audience and they will feel awkward and unconnected to the scene, we adopted this method after conversing with facilitators and taking on their wise words of wisdom.

The Making Of
The Making Of

Above you can see we used a MIDI controller to compose the score for this scene, by using virtual instruments from Kontakt we were able to produce our desired sound. Using a combination of cello and violins we found these types of instruments effectively convey Smeagol/Gollum’s emotions throughout the scene.

Deep in the Composition Zone

Designing The Foley 

As we all know, digital silence is the devil… So we looked at designing some atmospheric components, Jackson and I set out on an adventure to find ourselves some perfect ambience. Desirably what we were chasing was some light wind with crickets and some frogs, we found the wind however it was VERY strong, we found the crickets and unfortunately we found no frogs 😦 Although all was not lost!

Recording the Atmosphere
Recording the Atmosphere

Jackson and I set up a stereo recording using SAE’s new Neumann shotgun miks, we successfully recorded our wind and crickets however once we got them back to the studio we found the were VERY noisy. So as a group we all looked at the iZotope’s plug ins to transform them into a more suitable/audible sample.

iZotope's D-Noiser
iZotope’s DeNoiser
Audio Clips
Audio Clips

iZotope’s DeNoiser helped us by erasing majority of noise from our recordings, we inserted the plugin onto the appropriate channel then highlighted a section were it was predominately noise. The denoiser then ‘learns’ the noise it needs to attenuate and then we simply adjust the threshold and reduction, comparing the before and after effect using the bypass function allowed us to analyse these parameters effectively. Tayla then so graciously took on the task of applying this method to all of our recordings that day and did a wonderful job!

Here are a couple of small samples of our recordings before and after the application of a denoiser, you might think that before we did anything that I’m just tricking you with white noise however it’s true… There were hidden crickets beneath all of that noise, enjoy…

Here’s a little treat for you ALL! Last week we were required to present a work in progress of our projects, SO! yes that means you get to have a look at what we’ve been up to so far!!!! we’ve received great feedback from everyone so far, so please comment below with any feedback you might have as it is greatly appreciated 🙂 PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND IS ALSO A WORK IN PROGRESS PIECE! 

<p><a href=”″>THE LORD OF THE RINGS AND THE TWO TOWERS: WIP – STUDIO III AUDIO REPLACEMENT PROJECT</a> from <a href=”″>Student</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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