Project Target Market

Marketable projects are on the horizon day to day whether this relates to your unique concept, or perhaps one that isn’t all that different from the competitive projects on the same horizon. Being able to identify and address the appropriate target markets for your project will depend on its success come publish day. Particularly our first approach of identifying our appropriate market was a little under-scoped, however after receiving feedback from our fellow class mates and facilitators we gained more in depth information to help us with addressing the correct people.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.40.29 pm

At first we were thinking inside the box by only addressing the demographic we thought that our project would reach, such as; other students, teaching staff and people who were also interested in post-production work… however we were WRONG!

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.47.27 pm

Re-evaluating our target market saw us broadening our horizon a lot! We weren’t thinking outside the box, instead the direction of our project has gone from small in college personal to future professional employers within the post-production industry. As a team we’ve investigated several contrasting employers to publish our work towards, below is a short description of these studios along with a link to their website for further information.


SST Workshop

My whole life I’ve loved listening to and playing music since I was 6 years old was the first time I picked up a violin and could actually hold it properly, it was then I knew that this is what I wanted to do. After weighing up other job prospects within the creative industry, I had found my calling… Composing… SST Workshop has an astounding composer Ryan Walsh, who has travelled internationally and composed alongside 12 other worldwide composers and conducted the 60 piece Hollywood Studio Symphony at 20th Century Fox Newman Scoring Stage! After listening to some of his works it’s easy to see why he was presented with the opportunity, I endeavour to contact Ryan for an intern experience at SST Workshops here in Brisbane or even information of his experience and journey, it would be a privilege and an honour to work alongside Ryan, fingers crossed!

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge are predominately nationally based in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne however they also have a studio in Osaka, Japan. Cutting Edge are a fast growing studio that strive for excellence and aim for unique creativity at the highest quality. Obtaining a position at one of these studio’s would be a great experience, I believe that my work ethic is at a level of appreciation as well as my passion and desire to work in this industry. Being given the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals in VFX, design, animation, character design observing and interacting with the work and knowledge that goes into great entertainment then learning how to implement audio to them appropriately would be mind blowing.


Alchemix Recording Studio 

Alchemix have celebrated 15 years of professional sound including; music recording, mixing, mastering, producing and voice-over services they also provide composition services from the owner Marly Luske. Marly has such a broad knowledge for audio as he begun this business before he was 16 years old, to have my work even heard by him could be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door of the composition world. Our project also demonstrates my ability to record and sync ADR, create and design foley and manipulate audio for sound FX, my knowledge and practise that i’ve implemented over the trimester demonstrates my skills and capabilities which I hope could land my a position somewhere in the industry!



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