The Lion King, Compare and Contrast

I’ve selected just one of the scenes to compare to our remake, which will be The Lion King! Here are the Youtube clips of the stampede and when Simba finds his father… (I apologise that they’re separate videos) 

(end second clip at 1:38)

In comparison to the original scene of The Lion King I found that our score in the beginning added a newer quirkier emotion, of course we do have 20 years or more on their technology however I feel as though our foley components are more realistic? In the grand scheme of things, as well as our herd sounding so much more full in comparison to the number of wildebeest there are running through the gorge. Especially when the wildebeest is running alone in the gorge, our re-enactment is much more realistic!

In terms of the score emotively they are certainly different, and I wish I had a 200 piece orchestra to perform mine so it might seem a bit more realistic. However I still think that my composition still portrays a similar emotion 🙂 I found that there were even moments within our version that had such greater portrayal of emotion and movements that were happening on screen!

In some sections particularly the performance of Scar I reckon that Perry did a much better job of conveying the worry and distress, on the other hand the sheer power and greed when he finally claims the thrown.

We decided to take a different approach to the instrumentation when Simba finds his father dead, we thought that the symbolism of the single instrument. The cello represented Simba’s grief and loneliness…

Crossover Studio Remake

<p><a href=”″>The Lion King</a> from <a href=”″>Jessica Kane</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Please feel free to leave comments or feedback below and let us know what you think! Does it still make you cry?


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